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A photograph is a glimpse into the past. It’s a time capsule; perfectly preserving your favorite memories and passing that experience onto your loved ones. It allows you to reminisce years or even decades after that memory has long faded into obscurity. A photograph is an invaluable memento with limitless potential. If you want to preserve all the special moments with amazing photographs, our one-of-a-kind photo booth rentals are the perfect option for you in Des Moines.

Experience It!

Des Moines is an area with plenty of reasons for our photo booth rentals. The rich local culture and hometown feel of Des Moines attract families of all kinds to massive events that will quickly turn into memories, and those families are biting at the bit for an opportunity to capture their experiences with photographs.

The annual county fair, plentiful block parties, and other “downhome” style gatherings are excellent opportunities for our rental photo booths to be implemented to serve the community. Each booth we offer is outfitted to capture the moments that take place within them and instantly translate into physical photos that the residents of Des Moines can take with them forever.

Why Rent Our Photo Booth?

With the advent of smartphones and digital cameras, you might be wondering if a photo booth will be very useful at gatherings and events anymore. After all, they have mostly been limited to older malls and movie theaters in recent years. However, a high-quality photo booth rental offers something that all our new technology doesn’t:


Getting into a photo booth is a life-enriching experience that everyone should have at least once. It is more than just looking at a camera and getting your picture taken. You are thrust into an environment where you and your friends can let loose and truly capture the moment.

On top of that, a photo booth instantly provides a real, physical photograph that can be added to scrapbooks, pinned to tack boards as daily reminders of the experience, or tucked away for safekeeping. You simply can’t do that with a smartphone or digital camera. Our photo booths are not the outdated ones you sometimes bump into. They are state of the art photography machines!

Suitable Events

It is unlikely that you will want to rent a photo booth to sit around at your house, but there are plenty of opportunities for you to rent one in other regards.


Wedding guests are just as involved in the event as the bride and groom are, and they ache for a way to capture their finest moments with traditional photographs. Our photo booths are perfect for wedding receptions when guests want to take silly pictures as mementos.


Des Moines is constantly introducing new festivals for its residents to enjoy. Those festivals are unique opportunities for the community to come together in unison, and they are perfect for our photo booth rentals.

Corporate Parties

Let’s face it. Work is where we spend most of our time, and we develop a close bond with our coworkers and bosses. When corporate holiday parties, celebrations, and gatherings are planned, a photo booth rental allows coworkers to create keepsakes that honor their bonds.

Entertainment Businesses

Photo booths have been a staple of small-town entertainment for decades. Movie theaters, sports parks, mall food courts, and everything in between can benefit from a properly placed photo booth rental, and they work as great marketing opportunities.

Innovative Designs

The photo booths of old were basic, unattractive, and low in quality. Our photo booths are made using the highest quality cameras and software. They are designed to provide you with an affordable, high-tech, and user-friendly experience.

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Every event without one of our photo booth rentals is a missed opportunity. If you are planning an event or thinking about a business party that may benefit from a photo booth, contact us, today!